COGIC Museum the Bishop Charles Harrison Mason and Mother Lizzie Robinson Research Center to Preserve the Legacy of the Old Pioneers

The Elijah L. Hill Silver Anniversary Committee will host his SILVER ANNIVERSARY (25 Years) and (38 years) of ministry on November of 2016 during the Holy Convocation, as one of the UNSUNG ORIGINAL FOUR PRESERVATIONIST & FULL LENGTH BIOGRAPHICAL WRITING HISTORIANS OF THE CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST. 

At the same time we will be celebrating THEIR Centennial (100 years) for the FOUR Historical Preservationist/Historians that wrote entire biographies to maintain the heritage memory of the Church of God in Christ; Professor James Courts, Bishop Charles Pleas, and Bishop Ithiel Clemmons, Prophet Elijah L. Hill.

These four biographical writing historians of the Church of God in Christ did their work without recognition, reward, or acknowledgement, they were those that recognized the importance of BISHOP CHARLES HARRISON MASON'S MEMORY BEING KEPT ALIVE THEY ARE TRULY THE UNSUNG HEROES.  In the past within the Church of God in Christ organization historians didn't have history degrees or a University program to help them write a dissertation, but they LOVED the Grand Old Church so, they dedicated their life to being KEEPERS OF THE FLAME OF BISHOP CHARLES HARRISON MASON AND THE CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST HISTORICAL MEMORY.   

This photo below is a page in the Whole Truth Church of God in Christ Magazine in 2008 with an article speaking about the official release of the COGIC Museum website.

The COGIC Museum was created by Prophet Elijah L. Hill around one year ago (May 2008).  Hill, having two Masters Degrees one in Business Administration and the other in Educational Technology, finally developed the website in May 2008.  In March of 2001 Elder Hill wrote a prophetic letter to the late Presiding Bishop G. E. Patterson sharing ten concepts on how the national church could project its history to the world.  For over twenty years Hill has been a historian in the Church of God in Christ and has amassed through his twenty year research in 1990 more than 100 old books and over 500 old photos.

Hill has developed an agreement with the Dr. Mattie McGlothen Library/Museum founded by Emma Clark in Richmond, California.  The partnership with Emma Clark involved combining their collections and having the Assemblies of God Museum Director, Darren Rogers, create an electronic research center for the COGIC Museum website.  Etc.
THIS VIDEO BELOW IS A 5 MINUTES TRAILER OF THE VIDEO, "Follow Peace with All Men Holiness Without No Man Shall See The Lord, produced by Elder Elijah L. Hill, on the Life story of Bishop Charles Harrison Mason founder of the Church of God in Christ.
THIS NEXT VIDEO IS on the Azusa Street Revival surrounding Bishop Charles H. Mason and Bishop William J. Seymour's connection with implementing interracial worship in America in the beginning 20th Century.  Bishop William J. Seymour started it in the Azusa Street Revival in 1906, and Bishop Charles Harrison Mason who received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost under Seymour kept his legacy going by institutionalizing interracial interaction within his denomination between whites and blacks from 1907-1950 by ordaining whites, appointing white Christian brothers as Overseers throughout his organization during Jim Crow-ism in America.
This next video is dedicated to the Late Presiding Bishop Louis Henry Ford's life who was my mentor, and acknowledged my historical work by giving me a proclamation from the Presiding Bishop's Official officially acknowledging my historical work in July of 1992.  I thank you Bishop Ford for your consideration of wanting me to be over the national historical committee to host a celebration of Mother Lizzie Robinson in Omaha, Nebraska, which we never was able to do several months later the Honorable Presiding Bishop Louis Henry Ford died before this dream could be realized.
 In 1989, in Chicago, Illinois, Presiding Bishop Louis Henry Ford meets Pastor Elijah Hill at the National Black Newspaper Publishers Convention, and is impressed with him and asked the now Bishop Sanders standing left to pick Hill up in my limousine and bring him to my church to speak before my young people because I want them to see a progressive young man like him. 

The next picture below this was was taken in 1991 two years later at Bishop Vernon Richardson 's inaugural banquet ceremony in Omaha, Nebraska after Presiding Bishop Ford appointed him as Bishop of the State of Nebraska.
THIS NEXT PHOTO WAS TAKEN: September 21, 1991 in Omaha, Nebraska when Presiding Bishop Louis Henry Ford held a press conference with the media in Omaha to announce the historical importance to Omaha, Nebraska the home of Mother Lizzie Robinson being of importance to the formulation of the Church of God in Christ national.  Standing left to right in top photo is General Board member P.A. Brooks, Presiding  Bishop Louis Henry Ford, newly appointed Bishop of Nebraska Vernon Richardson, and General Board member Bishop C.L. Anderson.

THE NEXT PHOTO BELOW WAS TAKEN: The same day September 21, 1991 in Omaha, Nebraska directly after the press conference Pastor Elijah Hill historian of Nebraska presents to the Presiding Bishop of the Church of God in Christ an award in the shape of the state of Nebraska acknowledging Presiding Bishop Ford's revealing of the importance of Nebraska to the national church.  Bishop Ford was proud of this award Elder Hill gave him he posted the award in his office which today is still there as you walk into the office area of St. Paul Church of God in Christ.  Bishop Ford was know to have pictures taken of some the most famous people on this wall of remembrance he constructed while he was still alive.
October 24, 2012

General Assembly Chairman
Church of God in Christ
Memphis, TN,

Hello Chairman Hunt, here is the proposed resolution for the national archive I tried to keep the wording broad enough to include your purpose, and to include the type of information it will take to impliment a 21st Century archive that people will trust their documents to.  I included what I want to proposed to you in order to get members across the countries buy-in with this proposed resolution, therefore what I am willing to do is attach my idea of the Encyclopedia to the archive resolution for three reasons it will raise money to support the archive after the national church puts it in place, it will cause others to want to share their information with the archive.  I thought we could acknowledge people that submit future collection to the archive by having a place in the archive room with their pictures and names showing that they donated large amounts of historical information to the archive.

I am just thinking of things that will motivate individuals to submit there collections in the future, and the Encyclopedia will motivate individuals current members of the church that want to be included to give a donation of $100.00 to have an entry of their bios and photo into the Encyclopedia to fund the archive and the publication of the book.

I would be willing to give my extensive collection to the archive upon condition that the archive have a archivist and a vault to protect it for future disasters whether it might be fire, water or other such situations.  As I stated with my back ground I would be willing to spear head the project, since I am already on foot with implementing the Encyclopedia project it could just become apart of the overall planning and implementation for the national church.  I am just trying to think of a way to bring people to the table as stakeholders in this resolution, and feel that they want to be user friendly to giving their collections instead of taking a more adversarial position.

The encyclopedia project will make them feel apart by first sharing information on people they love that were pioneers in the church, and secondly by recognizing donors will cause people to step forward with Church of God in Christ historical materials that they will have in their possession.  You can review my website to see an example of how we could implement the project where it would not be cumbersome to the organization and one individual could handle the project with an appointed volunteer national committee.

Inclosed in this attached Word doc will be my resume, the resolution, and definitions relating to archivist and their duties.  I have already started looking into some cost for the vault they can be expensive, since we are starting small the Assembly of God has a 1000 square foot vault that cost $5000,000, but we can start with a 300 square foot vault for around $80,000 to $95,000.  I know we have to keep cost down for the national church but to protect the precious heritage memory of our church is invaluable. If you have any questions this is just a proposed plan that will include futuristic approaches to what a archive for the national church will last for generations to come, and I see you as implementing of such an honorable project that will bring honor to this Grand Old Church. 

Rev. Elijah L. Hill, President
P.O. Box 181937
Arlington, Texas, 76096



WHEREAS, the Church of God in Christ was founded and successfully led for many years by Bishop Charles H. Mason; and

WHEREAS, in 1936 the Old Tabernacle original headquarters burned down destroying the national headquarters earlier historical memory leaving many of our records that are left with private individuals that are members of the Church of God in Christ who maintained theses collections; and

WHEREAS, the historic memory of the Church of God in Christ and our Founding Father Bishop Charles Harrison Mason and the “Old Pioneers”  that contributed in building the foundation of this great institution; and

WHEREAS, the historical influence and contribution of the Church of God in Christ is important to Pentecostalism Globally and is a vital part of America’s African American Religious history;

WHEREAS, our history will be stored and housed at our headquarters to be used for organizational research for future publications, for scholarly research and to manage our organizational historic records.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the General Assembly authorize that an official historical archive storage vault and space be installed at our World Headquarters.   To honor the historical memory of the “Old Pioneers,” and this will ensure public trust that all historical materials given to this institutional archive  by donor individuals or organizations will be protected, preserved, and an archival management system of 21st Century technological analog and digital best practices.  Be utilized to preserve and maintain these records for future generations to ponder and have electronic access for research purposes.

FURTHER RESOLVED that all preexisting Church of God in Christ historical collections whether privately held by individual members or given to any institution that all original copies or copies of originals be centrally located at the official Mason Temple Headquarters General Assembly historical Archive, in order to also provide the content for our official Church of God in Christ Archive publication. 

FURTHER RESOLVED that General Board identifies and locates an adequate space in order to house at our World Headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee the storage of our historical heritage memory.

FURTHER RESOLVED the national archivist chair a historical preservation committee of twenty individuals the expertise and composition will be three degreed scholars, three historians, four technology majors, three librarians, three historical researchers, three Master degreed in marketing or business professionals, and one attorney.

FURTHER RESOLVED that the national archivist along with the preservation committee will develop the system of archival records management to that would entail collections and preservation methods that would secure our future heritage digitally for the future, and the committee would the research on the type of historical vault and proposal a budget to maintain the day-to-day operations of our national archive.

FURTHER RESOLVED that a salaried digital archivist be on staff to conduct the day-to-day operations of the archive, and be the official custodian of the Church of God in Christ’s historical records.  The duties of the digital archivist will be to  resources, and to develop our Archives and Records Management system, the archive’s mission statement, code of ethics, collecting policy, storage, retrieval of records, re-filing, digital imaging conversion policies, technology standards for scanning digital images and designing a digital research library.


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