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Click below to view free watermarked images of the 478 photos from the Mother Lizzie Robinson / Rev. Elijah L. Hill Collection on the Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center website.

Unwatermarked high resolution images are available for purchase for $20 each from Rev. Elijah L. Hill: or 770-268-1366
 Ancestor's photos, and submit your relatives photos, biography and funeral program, so that our next book on the Dictionary of Church of God in Christ Pioneers your relatives that play an important role in the churches history locally, state or nationally will be documented in our next Dictionary of Church of God in Christ Pioneers and Ancestors book. MAKE SURE THOSE YOU LOVE ARE NOT LEFT OUT.  God Bless!!

The Elijah L. Hill Electronic Library and Research Center is dedicated to those that have a passion to research their Church of God in Christ Ancestry.  There are 45 historic COGIC digital books ranging from 1919-1975 over almost 60 years of Church of Church of God in Christ history, and in addition there are 300 historic photos free for your viewing to find individuals connected to your state who served the church.  Here is a free available sample of one book below in 1919, if you want to research all our other 44 volumes electronically just become a member of the The Electronic Library and Research Center for annual member for $9.99 a month. It is important to KNOW WHERE YOU CAME FROM IN ORDER FOR THE FUTURE GENERATION TO KNOW WHERE THEY ARE GOING.  Just click on the above picture to link you to view our vault of our 44 COGIC history books, and once you have become a member you will have access to read and research through 50 years of our history at your finger tips.


Submission of COGIC Ancestry Information

If you have a relative that has been a member of the church of God in Christ as a Deacon, deaconess, elder, Pastor, mother in the church, First Lady, Bishop, or held any position you don't want to them to be left out of this important book.  When you submit historical documentation for the Dictionary just share a donation to support this project by clicking on the donate button below, and then fill out the form below with their information we will only take so many entries, so gather your COGIC family ancestors information and submit it email their photo to . 

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