COGIC Museum the Bishop Charles Harrison Mason and Mother Lizzie Robinson Research Center to Preserve the Legacy of the Old Pioneers

Presidents Bio

Elder Elijah L. Hill


MidAmerica Nazarene University, graduated in August 2002, with Masters degree in Educational Technology will graduate May 2002, courses taken: Exploring Technology Systems, Technology Educational Standards, Trends, and Applications, Curriculum Design, The Power of Engaged Learning. Real Publishing, Real Multimedia, Technology Leadership, Real Internet, Real Interactive Projects, and Technology Leadership Practicum.

MidAmerica Nazarene University, graduate in August 2001, with MBA degree courses taken: Statistics, Project Management, Financial Management, Marketing & Entrepreneurship, Corporate & Personal Ethics, Organizational Development, Computer Skills, Macroeconomic Analysis, Legal Environment Business, Management Theory, and Management Information Systems & Applications.

Grand Canyon University, 2011, Doctoral Candidate his program of study is Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership with Emphasize in Organizational Development, and his dissertation topic is in “Electronically archiving the first seventy years of the Church of God in Christ history before Civil Rights.” The courses taken Progression in Leadership Thought, Ethical Dilemma and Stewardship, The Nature and Dynamic of Organizations, Leading the New Organizations, Strategic Planning and Change, Organizational Governance and Accountability, Understanding Research and Methodologies, Organizational Innovation.


Cultural Anthropologist  COGIC Nebraska,                      10/1990 to 01/2003

On September 1991 in Omaha, Nebraska, Presiding Bishop Louis Henry Ford and several members of the General Board held a press conference  with the media, and Ford stated quoted by the Omaha World Herald Newspaper, "Omaha can do more to bring us back to where we want to go than any other city in America that's because the  (church's) roots are so deeply planted and woven together here."  He stated this fact was because Omaha was home to Lizzie Robinson who Ford said was one of the church's "pioneering ladies, and he stated Robinson helped the denomination's founder Bishop Charles H. Mason organize and structure the church."  It was after this time that the Bishop of Nebraska Vernon Richardson appointed Elder Elijah Hill as State Cultural Antropologist of Nebraska to develop  a plan to research and preserve the legacy of Mother Lizzie Robinson who lived in Omaha, Nebraska, she was the first General Supervisor appointed by the Founder of the Church  of God in Christ in 1911.  Identified and researched her properties that were significant to her history in the Omaha surrounding area.  He implemented and conducted research in order to negotiate with the City’s Land Marks Heritage Preservation Commission to historically landmark her life story as significant to Nebraska’s State History.  He participated in public hearings and meetings to support the first Church of God in Christ to be historically landmark, and he wrote the nomination for the Federal Registry of historic places to accept Mother Lizzie Robinson’s local property and history to be identified as significant to America’s history.

He also implemented the negotiations with city officials to have the first street named after a woman in the state of Nebraska in his city, and Elder Hill is one of two personalities to get a street named after a founding personality the other was the former Presiding Bishop Louis Henry Ford for Bishop Charles Harrison Mason in 1958. Presiding Bishop Louis Henry Ford gave Elder Hill a proclamation from the Presiding Bishop Office in Memphis, TN, for preserving the heritage of the Church of God in Christ of one of our founding personalities in their church history in 1992.  In 1993 recognized by the Governor of the State of Nebraska for the renaissance of Mother Lizzie Robinson’s history is a vital part of Nebraska history of personalities that had a global humanitarian contribution to the world. The National Trust for Historic Preservation recognized Elder Hill for Historic Preservation as a national preservationist in urban America nationally in 1993.  Also historian for two other Bishops the late Bishop E. Harris Moore Western Missouri, and Assistant chair of National Church of God in Christ Hospital Fund in 1995, and Bishop Emmanuel Newton Bishop of Western Missouri and National Chair of elders council in 2002.

Develop curriculum for classes for a national training institute in Memphis, Tennessee from 1994 to 2003 on the topic of Bishop Charles Harrison Mason teaching on his historic leadership secrets.  The annual class is developed for leaders within a national organization that seek for more information surrounding their corporate culture.  The class takes place during an annual convention, and attendees come from throughout the United States to take the courses that center around their areas of interest.       

Chairman, City of Omaha,  Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission      10/92 to 10/96

Mayor of Omaha Nebraska appointed Elijah Hill to be a part of the City of Omaha Nebraska’s local Landmarks Commission.  His duties were to hold public hearings in the City of Omaha’s place of business to oversee the City’s inventory of 100 Million dollars’ worth of historic properties.  His duties were to oversee public forums for him and his committee to review if historic properties were maintained as a source of the city’s civic and cultural pride for future generations.  His committees’ duties were to designate, preserve, protect, and enhance the perpetuation of the city’s historical structures to maintain their heritage.   Elder Hill, because of his work in propelling the church of God in Christ to Civic visibility was appointed the first and youngest African American to be appointed to the City’s Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission.  He was noted historically for the implementation and development of the Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission for their Roberts Rules of Orders for holding public meetings in the City of Omaha, Nebraska.

Scholarly Writer, Church of God in Christ            10/1993 to Present

Elder Elijah Hill from his hours of cultural anthropological findings archive was able to contribute several historical books for the Church of God in Christ. He has authored and published seven books on different topics on the Bible. Here are several topics to name a few: Angels, Who was Satan in Heaven and his Earthly works, and who was Christ Before he came to Earth.  He later wrote a book on Eschatology called, “The Unsealing of the Last Things (Bible Prophecy), Women Come Alive (The historical biography of Lizzie Robinson), and The Azusa Street Revival Wrapped in Swaddling Clothes lying in a Manger, Women Come Alive Historic Photo Album, and The Great Cloud of Witnesses Early Bishops Historic Album.

It was in 2005 he completed his first scholarly writing completing the biography of Mother Lizzie Robinson the only book on the First General Supervisor’s life story.  In 2007, he produced another historic photo album during the 100-year centennial celebration on all the women in the national church appointed by Mother Lizzie Robinson.  In 2008, he released another photo album of over 200 pictures of all the Bishops that were appointed by Bishop Charles Harrison Mason from the beginning of the church until the seventies.  In this year 2012, he has just completed an extensive work called, “Follow Peace with All Men Holiness without No Man Shall See the Lord, “on the life of Bishop Charles Harrison Mason. Elder Hill has been a contributory writer for the Whole Truth on several occasions for Dr. David Hall, Sr., and he has written for the Church of God in Christ Publishing House for the Young People Willing Workers writing and develop curriculum for Bishop Whitehead and their national publication for national print.   

Elder Hill has had several national endorsements during his 20-year writing career in 1993 Presiding Bishop Chandler David Owens as the head of the Church of God in Christ Worldwide endorsed Elder Hill’s book on biblical prophecy called, “The Unsealing of The Last Things.”  Along with his endorsement came several other national personalities that endorsed this book.  This book’s endorsement included national personalities like; Dr. Oliver J. Haney, Jr., past Dean of C.H. Mason Theological Seminary, Interdenominational Theological Center, Atlanta, GA, and General Board member Bishop Charles E. Blake, and founder of West Angeles Church of God in Christ, Los Angeles, CA.  That year endorsement also included Bishop Richard J. White (Mr. Clean) then National President of the Evangelism for the Church of God in Christ.

The Assemblies of God's Enrichment Magazine dedicated the 100th Years of Pentecostalism in America they highlighted Rev. Elijah L. Hill's book.   The one on the biography of Mother Lizzie Robinson called "Women Come Alive" as one of the important books to read for Pentecostals, and it was reviewed by the Assemblies of God's Theological Seminary that year and by Dr. Deborah Gill head of Women's Issue in the AG denomination.  In 2006, this above mentioned book was Reviewed in The Whole Truth Magazine the National Magazine for the Church of God in Christ Worldwide surrounding, Rev. Elijah L. Hill's book "Women Come Alive" surrounding the Biography of Mother Lizzie Robinson's life story by Dr. Adrienne M. Israel professor of History and intercultural studies at Guilford College.

Digital Archivist,                       02/2007 to Present

Elder Hill is the current president of the the first electronic museum introduced to the Church of God in Christ in 2007, which documented and electronically chronicled the history of the church of God in Christ On-Line.  He implemented a digital record keeping system of management of Mother Lizzie Robinson’s collection archiving her collection of 70 books and 700 photos, and placed them On-Line.  His dedication with digitally making these files available for his next project The Church of God in Christ Encyclopedia Project where individuals can submit documentation On-Line to provide a printed collection of COGIC pioneers that have contributed that are deacons, elders, mothers, jurisdictional leaders, and national leaders who have had an impact on Church of God in Christ history.  Elder Hill has dedicated his doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership where his theme is “The electronic archiving preserving of the first seventy years Church of God in Christ Pre-Civil Rights Movement”. This finished academic work will share a new body of knowledge for scholars throughout the world to identify and highlight the advancement of Church of God in Christ use of best practices in archiving their history.

Prophetic Ministry Nationally                            11/89 to 11/Present           

In 1989, Elder Hill went on a three day fast had a vision of Bishop Charles Harrison Mason founder of the Church of God in Christ and Mother Lizzie Robinson, and Bishop Mason told him to preserve the history of the old pioneers of his movement.  That day the Lord spoke to him to go over to Pastor Vernon Richardson's house the national church was to come back to Omaha, Nebraska to say who would be the Bishop, and the Lord told me to go to his house and let him know he would be the Bishop of Nebraska in the next eight months.  The Presiding Bishop Louis Henry Ford came back in eight months and selected Bishop Vernon Richardson the Bishop of Nebraska  just as God had said.  In 1999, Elder Hill was on a five day fast and sent Presiding Bishop Chandler David Owens a prophetic letter that he was sick in his body, but that God was going to heal him completely.  It was later in 2000 that Presiding Bishop Owens acknowledges he was sick and after his surgery, the cancer was completely healed.   The accuracy of the prophecy for Presiding Bishop Owens blessed him so he decided when Elder Hill asked what would he like him to do he endorsed his book on biblical prophecy called, “The Unsealing of the Last Things.”  Elder Hill, wrote several prophetic letters to Presiding Bishop Owens, Presiding Bishop G.E. Patterson, and Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake that he kept in secret, since the letter had to do with future direction for the national church now after 20 years the letters are released on this blog site called

Elder Hill, prophesied the national church should update their April Call meeting electronically automate registration in 1999, so that individuals would not have to wait in long lines that was implemented by the national secretary at that time by the late Dr. A.Z. Hall would agree with this idea, and started its implementation before he passed.  Dr. A. Z. Hall had a great respect for Elder Hill they met at Faust Temple Church of God in Christ in Jacksonville in 1982 when Elder Hill spoke for Pastor Faust on Sunday morning when Dr. Hall was just a deacon in his church.

In 2001 during 911 Elder Hill shared a prophetic letter with the President of the United States revealing a strategy for then President George Bush to deal with future attacks on America.  When the national had an Antraxes issue Elder Hill shared spiritually with the President how to utilize herbal composition to counteract its harmful effects.  Elder Hill, also shared his book the “Unsealing of the Last Things with then President Bush to look to the religious community for direction in dealing with the Mideast before making this military decision, and the President called for several religious leaders (which included then the late Presiding Bishop G. E. Patterson) to come to Washington to help him understand the biblical approach to the Mideast.  The President sent back correspondence to Elder Hill appreciating his input during 911, and the insight that he gave during that target time in America.

2001 Elder Hill, wrote a prophetic letter to the then new Presiding Bishop Gilbert Earl Patterson on direction in leading the church, and he shared with him to include the history of the church sharing ten ways that it could be done.  Presiding Bishop Patterson quickly implemented an idea then produced Bishop Charles Harrison Mason’s prayer along with his during the next April Call meeting of the Church of God in Christ.  He later implemented the Old Time Way songs which became success even to all of Christendom in America.

In 2007, Elder Hill, shared a prophetic letter to the entire Church of God in Christ prophesying that Bishop Charles E. Blake 30 days before the Holy Convocation was God’s will to be the next Presiding Bishop of the COGIC, and it came to past thirty days later.  In 2003 Elder Hill, prophesied that Bishop T.D. Jakes would in the future begin to develop other Potter’s House that would evolve from his ministry, and five years later he has implemented what was said.  On January 2012 a year before it occurred Elder Hill, prophesied on Facebook that the current President of the United States Barack Obama would win a second term, and in November of 2012 when many in the media as well as the religious sector stated it would not happen it came to past.

Published Books Reviewed

"Women Come Alive" Book written in 2005

Women Come Alive is the biography of Mother Lizzie Robinson (1860-1945) whom Bishop Charles H. Mason tapped in 1911 to assist in the formation of the Church of God in Christ (COGIC). In the era before women in the United States were granted suffrage, Mother Robinson organized and promoted the women’s auxiliary ministries of the fledging denomination and was instrumental in aiding Bishop Mason in thrusting the church onto the world stage.

Elijah L. Hill, the author of Women Come Alive , is the CEO and Founder of Perfecting the Kingdom International COGIC, based in Arlington, Texas. His four previous books, Angels, Who Was Satan in Heaven and His Earthly Works, Who Was Christ Before He Came to Earth, and The Unsealing of the Last Things, dealt with biblical themes. In this volume, Hill turns his attention to the historical contributions of women in ministry and the challenges they faced.

In Women Come Alive, Hill traces the remarkable story of Mother Lizzie Robinson, born Lizzie Smith as a slave on April 5, 1860 in Philips County, Arkansas. From those humble beginnings through opposition and persecution, she rose to a ministry position of great influence in the Church of God in Christ. Hill uses the biblical imagery of Deborah and Barak (Judg. 4:1-5:31) to depict the relationship between Robinson and Mason, the founder of COGIC.

As Hill reports the story, Robinson was given a good deal of latitude in the development of the ministry of women’s groups and other ministries in COGIC, but was always subject to the oversight of Mason and other male leaders in the denomination. In addition to her other duties, Robinson established and led women’s prayer bands across the denomination. Through this prayer ministry, she made a major contribution to the “digging out” of church plants in various cites throughout the nation. Robinson and other dedicated women preceded the establishment of new churches with months of praying for the effort, undoubtedly enabling the successful planting of churches.

In 1916 Robinson and her husband, Elder Edward D. Robinson, responded to the Lord’s leading to establish a church in Omaha, Nebraska. Hill weaves an instructive tale of the founding of what became a “mother” church and the influence that congregation had on the spread of the Pentecostal message around the world.

The story of Mother Lizzie Robinson serves well to challenge both women and men to express full commitment and faith to God’s call upon their lives. The God who provided and protected Mother Robinson will do the same for others. The depiction of male leadership willing to give place to the ministry of God-called women serves as a model for the ongoing ministry of the church.

As Hill presents the story, there are times when the flow of the historical narrative gets lost in the inclusion of extraneous data and preaching points. However, Women Come Alive accomplishes its intended purpose of presenting the tale of a fearless woman who refused to be limited in her response to God’s call. Mother Robinson’s story is worthy of being told among those who are interested in seeing God’s work expand to the entire world.

Reviewed by James H. Railey, Jr., D.Th.,
professor of Theology, Assemblies of God Theological Seminary

"The Unsealing of the Last Things" Book written in 1998 on Biblical Prophecy

It is extremely hard to understand the many prophecies of the Bible.
Among the most difficult are the prophecies of Daniel and the entire book of Revelations.  Still, the challenge of adequately extrapolating from the Holy Scripture the hidden and beneficial meaning of prophecies is vitally important.  

A more outstanding quest is to diligently produce a concise and easy to understand word about the theology of "last things."  The last things is the theological message upon which Christian thought about the broad meanings of the judgement and after life is predicated.  Prophet Elijah Hill has produced a book that thoroughly examines the coming of "last things" and brings all who would read his book a clarion analysis; and thereby offers the reader thought provoking and spiritual insight into prophecy.  

The Bibles records, "For the lack of knowledge my people perish" and on the subject of eschatology people must have faith.  Yes faith,
but to rewrite a biblical axion, faith without understanding being alone is dead.  It is the author's hope that reading and accepting his
interpretations will make more widely accessible some of the hidden things of the Scriptures, and help the reader to live in expectation of
Jesus' returns.

Basically, the reader becomes aware that our time is critically impacted by what the Christian understands.  Prophet Hill interprets the various prophecies that cause even Christians to ponder their meaning.  Make no mistake prophets and their prophecies should be understood.  The understanding of the theologies of last things is essential to understanding the course of modern history, and eventually the end of time.  

That is big!  Prophet Elijah Hill's “The Unsealing of the Last Things” is meant to interpret conditions and situations of the times in which these prophecies were written, but also speak to this generation and to particularly call this generation to deeper faith and greater expectation of the soon coming King.  

What lies in the balance is a prepared and knowledgeable people.  Prophet Hill has done well with that Habakkuk, the Old Testament
prophet was urged to do, "Write the vision.  And make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it.  For the vision is yet for an appointed time..."

Dr. David A. Hall, Sr.
CEO, Church of God in Christ Publishing House, Memphis, Tennessee